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Welcome to Golden Drop, Inc.!
Striving to new heights in the transportation industry, Golden Drop takes on all tasks to ensure customer satisfaction and safe delivery of shipments.

About Golden Drop, Inc:
Established in 2002 in Los Angeles, CA, Golden Drop, Inc. was founded on the ground of three uniquely simple but vital principles that ensure mass success.

  • Quality Customer Service

  • Prompt Payment

  • Safety

More than 10 years later, these principles remain as the driving force that keep our wheels turning. Far from its first day, Golden Drop has grown to become a game changer in the industry with its 75 trucks and 88 trailers. Determined to stop at nothing on the quest for partners with the same three principles, Golden Drop has recognized these principles in two companies; we are thrilled to announce our recent merger with Poling Express, LLC and Twin Express.

About Poling Express, LLC:
Founded in 1974 with its main terminal located in Omaha, NE, Poling Express, LLC specializes in transporting refrigerated freight with its excellent office staff and 55 late model trucks and trailers efforts of whom have not seized to satisfy each and every customer.

About Twin Express, Inc:
The year 1975 gave birth to the Rogers, MN - based Twin Express, Inc which started its journey to becoming today's 60-truck and 75-trailer fleet responsible for unmatched temp-controlled service to customers nationwide.

Combined, the three companies are proud to offer customers nationwide what no other carrier can.

  • Company fleet of 200 late-model tractors

  • 220 new and well-maintained trailers

    • Dry Vans
    • Refrigerated
    • Flatbed
    • Stepdeck
  • Over 1500 active carriers

  • Well trained office staff

  • Shipment tracking available 24/7

  • Risk management team in each terminal

  • On-site maintenance team

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